Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13
Wireless Charger C13

    Wireless Charger C13

    $19.99 $29.99
    • Faster and More Secure: With upgraded INTELLIGENT CHIP and latest POWER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, this wireless charger has achieved a remarkable charging efficiency
    • Multiple Protections: The specially-designed chip in our fast wireless charger monitors and controls the charging temperature for optimum performance
    • User Friendly: Both sides feature ANTI-SLIP DESIGN.
    • Durable and Innovative Design: High standard ensure durability of interior and exterior
    • Happy Customers: We provide our clients with a faster and more secure wireless charger
    Product description

    Say goodbye to tangled wires. Featured with a fast, thin, lightweight and portable design, PeohZarr Wireless Charger can take your wireless charging experience to the next level.

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    Question: what should i do if this charger does not work well with my device?
    Answer: Kindly be noted the premise of wireless charging is that the device itself can accept wireless charging. Our wireless charger could work well with all Qi-Enabled devices, please first make sure if your device support wireless charging.
    Another reason leading to failure of wireless charging may be the case on your device. The charging will fail if your device case is too thick, there is any metal object on your case or your case is made of metal material. Please take off your case and have a try once more.
    If these two methods do not work, please try to restart your device.

    Question: any warranty with this item?
    Answer: Hi friend, our wireless charging pad goes with 3-year warranty and 1-year money back guarantee even if the amazon return window has been closed.If any problem on product, feel free to contact us at support@peohzarr.net, we are always here to help you.

    Question: Does this come with the cable and plug in for the wall?
    Answer: Cable yes plug in to the wall no

    Question: Is this sleep friendly? i donot like bright light at night
    Answer: It flashes the blue light a couple of times when you put the phone onto the charger then it stays dark.

    Question: After a few moments the blue ring will start blinking. 2 different chargers. I have a different brand of charger that works. Anyone know why?
    Answer: Hi, it means the charging efficiency is low, in most cases, it is caused by low voltage or current supplied by the ac adapter. We suggest change another AC adapter and try again.

    Question: Can this item work with all the qi compitable devices?
    Answer: Yes of course, this device could work well with all Qi-enabled devices.

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